Connexion Healthcare uses a unique Center of Excellence (CoE) approach to scientific communications. Dedicated teams within each CoE maintain a focus on Oncology and Rare Disease.

Team members of each CoE are highly qualified scientists, medical writers, program managers, strategists, and implementation experts with experience in healthcare, academia, and industry. Our teams have used traditional, digital, and hybrid approaches to medical and scientific communications.

academic-experience corporate-pharmaceutical-background

We keep track of:

  • Markets and industry trends
  • Pipelines and approved treatments
  • Thought leaders
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Best practice delivery of engaging and effective communications

We also participate in key conferences and congresses.

From these activities, our teams routinely engage with leaders, advocates, legislators, and other stakeholders in Oncology and Rare Disease and disseminate intelligence to our clients.

This approach allows us to conceive, develop, and execute communications that leverage our therapeutic area expertise on behalf of our clients. Working seamlessly with medical affairs and commercial groups from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, we connect core stakeholders to build strategic platforms and deliver targeted tactics.

Oncology Center of Excellence
CoE Lead, Steve Lang
Senior Vice President of the Oncology Center of Excellence

Rare Disease Center of Excellence
CoE Lead, Connor Galloway
Vice President
Client Services
Rare Disease Center of Excellence